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car suspension

The suspension system in your auto is designed to keep your ride smooth and comfortable. When the suspension system fails, you’ll start feeling every bump in the road. More importantly, performance factors such as handling and control will suffer, especially when you’re turning sharp corners and traveling at high speeds. At Jaguar Cherry Hill, we want to help drivers recognize the common signs of a failing suspension system.

The Shocks and Struts Are Oily

In addition to experiencing a rougher ride, you’ll see visible evidence of damage when your suspension starts to go. Take a look under your car. If the shocks or struts are covered in grease or oil, this is a good indication that your vehicle needs suspension service.

Perform the “Bounce Test”

Vehicles with suspension systems that are in optimum condition won’t have a lot of bounce. This is true whether they’re moving or sitting still. When your car is parked, press down on its hood. If it bounces or rocks up and down more than two to three times after you’ve let go, you may have a problem. You can also perform this test by pressing down on the trunk.

Check Your Tire Treads

Uneven tread wear and bald spots on your tires are also common signs of suspension problems. These developments mean that the suspension system is no longer able to hold the vehicle evenly. By identifying and correcting suspension issues early-on, you can prevent progressive damages and keep your auto running smoothly and safely.

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