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Jaguar Cherry Hill's team of highly qualified technicians is focused on providing exceptional service in a timely manner. Whether changing your oil or replacing your brakes, we always maintain the highest standards for delivering the best service possible, every time.

What is the Process of Scheduling a Service Appointment?

To schedule your next service appointment, please fill out our convenient online form, or call us at 877-373-1404. Our service staff will make every effort to schedule you as soon as possible. Once a service request is submitted, we'll respond via your preferred method of contact, ask any remaining questions and confirm your appointment.


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Request a Wheel Alignment Soon

A cars steering wheel should remain reasonably straight. If not, then something might be wrong with the wheels. The same might be true when the car pulls in one direction or another. Possibly, the car's tires hit something, and now the wheels are no longer in alignment. Getting the problem fixed isn't too difficult, and getting the work done right away may be advisable.

Manufacturers set wheels at precise angles. Impact, even slight impact on curbs or potholes, can alter the angles. Performance and handling may then suffer. Also, the tires could experience problems due to poor alignment…

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Replace Your Brake Pads If You Hear Squeaking

You might know that you'll begin to hear a squeaking noise if your brakes are going bad, but do you know why you hear it and what will happen if you ignore the sound. Most people know that they need to have their brakes done on a regular basis, but at Jaguar Cherry Hill, we want you to know more about the details.

When you start to hear a squeaking, that means that the brake caliper is rubbing directly on the rotor. The brake pad, which normally prevents the caliper and rotor from touching, is worn down.


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Gaskets Serve Many Different Functions Within Your Vehicle

You might know that there are dozens upon dozens of gaskets all over your car, but you might have no clue what they actually do. These tiny gizmos look insignificant, but your engine and transmission would have difficulty keeping up were it not for them. These are just a few of the many parts that gaskets protect.

When someone refers to an engine gasket, they are talking about a seal that keeps oil and other liquids from leaking. This is so critical given how hot it can get inside of the engine. Your engine depends on oil and lubricants to…

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Jaguar Service in Philadelphia During Coronavirus


560 × 315

Jaguar Cherry Hill is an essential business, which is why we remain open for your service needs. If your vehicle isn’t running right, you don’t want to neglect it. Our team is working hard to ensure exceptional Jaguar service in Philadelphia during the coronavirus pandemic. If you require service, you can count on our team to keep you safe and protected.

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General Maintenance for a Jaguar in Philadelphia

650 × 339

It doesn’t take a lot of work to take care of your luxury Jaguar. With some simple general maintenance tips, you will protect your vehicle. At Jaguar Cherry Hill, we have some services and helpful tips that keep your vehicle running the way it should.

Perform a Regular Vehicle Inspection

It doesn’t take much skill to look over your Jaguar. Start with the hoses and belts. You can quickly look over the system to ensure there are no holes, rips or abnormal wear. If something doesn’t seem right, make an appointment with our team. 

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Where to Get a Jaguar Oil Change in Philadelphia

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Getting an oil change for your Jaguar is something you can’t neglect, but where should you take your luxury vehicle? We will look at the top reasons to bring your vehicle to Jaguar Cherry Hill for oil lube and filter maintenance.

Your Jaguar Needs an Oil Change

Getting an oil change is one of the most basic tasks you can have performed on your car or SUV, yet many people continue to neglect it. With regular oil changes, you extend the life of your motor and help your vehicle run the way it was intended.

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We'll Tell You About Your Belts and Hoses

There are a lot of components on your vehicle, and all of them need to be working properly if you want your vehicle to run well for years. Some of the most important types of components are the belts and hoses. These parts are often necessary to make your car run, and if they break, you could be looking at some pretty hefty repair bills. 

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Jaguar Brake Pad Replacement in Philadelphia

560 × 315

Most people don’t think about what condition their Jaguar brake pads are in, but it’s essential for your safety. Your brakes must be in good condition and you also need to have brake pad replacement when you first notice failure. You don’t want higher repair bills or to compromise your safety.

At Jaguar Cherry Hill, our team believes in educating you about your vehicle's brake maintenance because we want you to save money and stay safe.

What are Jaguar Brake Pads?

Brake pads are parts that sit in between the brake caliper and rotor. This helps…

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