A cars steering wheel should remain reasonably straight. If not, then something might be wrong with the wheels. The same might be true when the car pulls in one direction or another. Possibly, the car's tires hit something, and now the wheels are no longer in alignment. Getting the problem fixed isn't too difficult, and getting the work done right away may be advisable.

Manufacturers set wheels at precise angles. Impact, even slight impact on curbs or potholes, can alter the angles. Performance and handling may then suffer. Also, the tires could experience problems due to poor alignment.

Namely, the tires might experience additional and expedited tread wear. Once the treads get too low, tires lose traction and present a risk for blowouts. Getting a wheel alignment done early would be much cheaper than prematurely buying new tires in Cherry Hill.

At Jaguar Cherry Hill, ask our team about wheel alignment services. Often, drivers request the service in combination with tire rotations or oil changes.


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