As local automotive experts here in Cherry Hill, NJ, the team at Jaguar Cherry Hill hopes that every driver takes all aspects of vehicle care seriously. Having your vehicle’s wheels monitored for misalignment is one key maintenance task that should never be overlooked.

Over time, hitting potholes and driving on rough roads can cause minor changes in the positioning of a vehicle’s wheels. This causes the tires to make contact with the road surface at awkward angles and promotes unequal tire wear patterns. Even seemingly minor misalignment problems must be corrected in a timely manner to avoid potential loss of handling or even a tire blowout.

During an alignment, the angle of each wheel is examined with a device that’s capable of taking extremely precise, detailed measurements. The information gathered is then used to straighten the positions of the wheels for optimum alignment. Your owner’s manual should provide recommendations on how often to have your vehicle’s wheel alignment checked.

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