Key Tips for Cleaning Your Tires

Many people overlook the importance of keeping tires clean. The stark reality is that tires can accumulate substances, including harmful brake dust, that can have a seriously negative impact on them. Substances that accumulate on tires can shorten their useful lifespan. As a result, you need to be diligent about regularly tending to the cleaning of your tires.

If you are washing your entire vehicle, you are wise to clean the tires first. This prevents grime and dirt from tires from spraying onto clean car panels.

Many people use soap and water to clean their tires and wheels. Bear in mind that there are cleaning products on the market geared toward specific types of tires. Jaguar Cherry Hill provides a full range of vehicle maintenance and service, including associated with tires. Located in Cherry Hill, NJ, our team of friendly service pros is available to assist at your convenience.

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