Pressing down on the brake pedal seems to be all it takes to stop a car. In reality, step down on the brake pedal starts bringing a vehicle to a halt. Fluid releases from the cylinder and travels to the calipers. Pressure from the calipers leads to the brake pads doing their job. And what would that job entail?

Brake pads press onto the rotors, creating additional pressure and friction. Rotors are metal discs connected to the wheels. When the rotors stop, so do the wheels. Stopping the wheels stops the car.

Brake pads remain a critical component of the brake system, and drivers need to be mindful of any problems. If pressing on the pedal leads to the brakes making grinding, screeching, or other noises, the pads might be worn.

Jaguar Cherry Hill wishes to assist drivers stay on top of vehicle maintenance. Contact our service center to discuss brake work or any other maintenance concerns.


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