Automobile Recalls 101

Here at Jaguar Cherry Hill, our team wants you to be an informed vehicle owner. The automobile recall process can be confusing, so let us help by explaining more about it below.

An automobile recall is when a manufacturer or the NHTSA find that a vehicle fails to comply with safety standards or has a safety-related problem. If this occurs, an automobile manufacturer will send a letter to warn owners. Although automobile manufacturers will typically offer to fix the problem free of charge, it doesn't mean the entire vehicle will be replaced.

If your vehicle has been recalled, the letter from the manufacturer will typically include details about the defect, potential hazards caused by the problem, possible warning signs, how the manufacturer is going to fix the problem, and instructions about what you should do. Usually, you'll be asked to contact your local dealer for a repair appointment. If it's a tire recall, the repair must be done within 60 days of when you received the letter.



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