Some high-performance sports cars give drivers great power but do little to increase control. The iconic, ultra-sporty and popular performance vehicle that is known as the Jaguar XE does both. Its well-endowed under the hood motors provide plenty of power for almost any situation, but it also includes specialized dynamic damping controls in its build. These Configurable Dynamics can give even new drivers considerable advantages behind their wheels. Some of these specialized dynamics include the gear shifting, suspension, engine, and steering systems.

The 2019 Jaguar XE Configurable Dynamic system lets each driver set key metrics to their liking. For example, drivers can quickly set steering points, shifting points, and even gas pedal mapping to allow the vehicle to adapt to their likes and needs. Also, drivers can even set various settings on the suspension dynamic system to stiffen or loosen the feel and control of their vehicles.

Another tool that comes from this specialized box is the Adaptive Dynamics system. This specialized technology harnesses built-in dampers to change responses during cornering maneuvers and also while running on flat terrain.


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