How to Check Tire Pressure on Your Jaguar


When your Jaguar tires aren’t inflated correctly, it leads to excessive wear. That’s why you must know how to check your tire pressures, not only to receive the best handling but also to keep you safe. The service technicians at Jaguar Cherry Hill have some suggestions to keep you protected.

Find the Recommended Tire Pressure

Before you can check the tire pressure, you need to know what they should be. Look at the inside of your driver’s door or owner’s manual to find the recommended PSI.

Check the Tire Pressure

After you find the recommended pressures, it’s time to check the tires. Use a high-quality gauge and check them when they are cold. First thing in the morning is the best time to do this.

  • Remove the air valve cap. Don’t misplace it.
  • Press the gauge against the valve for a couple of seconds. You might hear some air.
  • Read the gauge and compare to the recommendation.
  • Fill up or remove some air as needed.
  • Check the pressures once again.
  • Replace the air valve cap.

You should check the tire pressures at least once per month. You also want to give them a quick inspection. Look at the tread to make sure there is still enough to keep you safe. You also want to keep an eye out for cracks, bulges or anything that doesn’t look right.

Regular Car Maintenance

Having the tires professionally inspected and checked should be a part of your regular Jaguar maintenance. When you bring it to the Jaguar dealership in Philadelphia, we ensure that all of the components are working together in harmony to provide you with a smooth and safe road. Never take your tires for granted. Make sure they receive the care needed to handle the road with ease. Talk to our service department if you need any further guidance.

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