An Overview of What Brake Pads Are Designed To Do

At Jaguar Cherry Hill, we want you to know how every component of your vehicle works. It is important that you understand how brake pads work because they can prevent damage to many different parts of the vehicle. If a brake pad is worn, it can't prevent the caliper and rotor from making contact with each other.

This leaves them vulnerable to scoring as well as damage from the heat caused when they rub together. When buying new brake pads, make sure to buy something that is designed for the type of vehicle that you own.

Unless you own a performance vehicle, you don't need to buy performance pads for it. If you have any concerns about your vehicle's brakes or brake pads, feel free to visit Jaguar Cherry Hill for an inspection. If necessary, new brake pads can be installed on your vehicle in a timely and affordable manner.



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